Test rigs for wheel bearings and hubs

IAMT Prüfsysteme offers standardised test rigs and benches for wheel bearing and hub testing. Special designs (aligned to the dynamics and number of loading components) complete with appropriate instrumentation and controls can also be provided in accordan

Our test rig concepts enable clients to closely replicate the specimen’s installation situation. Aside from enabling installation of the original wheel carriers, swivel hubs and steering knuckles with fitted wheel bearings, allowance can also be made in the test set-up for the wheel discs, replacement knuckles and ball joints. The drive technology applied in the test rigs is selected in accordance with client requirements (dynamic response and repeatability) and cost criteria (investment outlay and follow-up costs).


Examples of wheel bearing and hub test rigs

  • Wheel bearing leak test rig for cars and commercial vehicles with environmental simulation (temperature, muddy and salt water spray testing)
  • Wheel bearing test rigs
  • Wheel hub test rig
  • Wheel hub test rigs for heavy loads (forklift trucks, commercial vehicles)